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Perfect combination of hardware and software to ensure high productivityIdeal optical design to improve the reliability of the equipmentIt is widely used in the fine marking processing of most metal and nonmetallic materials.It is mainly used in the fields of computer, mobile phone, consumer electronics, electronic components, auto parts, daily hardware, medical equipment and so on.


Excellent beam quality to ensure the quality of the productSelection of high quality imported components to ensure the reliability of the productThe precision welding of small parts, various spot welding and mould repair welding can be carried out.It is widely used in the precision welding of electronic, automobile, medical, communication, hardware, watch, jewelry, sporting goods, mould and other fields.


Independent research and development of cutting software, simple operation, stable performanceSelected accessories to ensure good positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracyAssembly of unit equipment manufactured in accordance with the unified national standards and Specifications issued by the stateIn accordance with the needs of the customers, the design and manufacture of the equipment.


Laser equipment solution

  • Mobile Phone Industry Laser Solutions

    With the technological progress of microelectronics industry and the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of mobile personalization, the mobile phone industry is developing towards integration and high precision. Its product components are becoming more and more compact, and the processing...

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    Two dimensional code marking of mobile PCB
    Laser marking of cell phone shell
    Laser cutting of mobile camera
    Laser welding internal component of mobile phone
  • Automotive Industry Laser Solutions

    In recent years, with the expansion of the global market demand, accelerating in the automotive intelligent process at the same time, the advanced manufacturing technology with laser technology as the representative of the upgrading of automobile manufacturing industry in promoting the continuous up...

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    Laser welding of valve tappet
    Laser welding of automobile spark plug
    Laser marking of automobile brake disc
    Laser marking of automobile engine
  • Packaging Industry Laser Solutions

    In recent years, with the rapid development of high technology, the development and application of laser technology in the field of packaging has also attracted the attention and attention of people. Laser processing can not only improve the technology level of packaging industry, but also improve t...

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    Laser marking of plastic bag
    Laser marking of plastic bottle cap
    Laser marking of toothpaste outer box
    Laser marking of drug glass bottles
  • Connector Industry Laser Solutions

    With the rapid development of modern electronic science and technology, the connector industry is gradually developing in the direction of miniaturization, high-speed mobile and intelligent. Not only the product is more and more small, but also the precision of the product is getting higher and high...

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    Laser welding of data line connector
    Laser marking of high voltage fast connector
    PBC module connector laser marking
    Laser welding of fiber optic metal connector
  • Battery Industry Laser Solutions

    As a leading enterprise in the field of laser laser, the innovation of laser arcane laser has put forward its own battery industry laser solution. The solution can not only match the mechanical manipulator, pneumatic head, feeding system, discharging system, motion control system freely, but also fo...

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    Button battery laser marking
    Laser welding of Ni MH battery with polar ear
    Laser welding of cylindrical battery
    Laser welding of square battery
  • Appliance Industry Laser Solutions

    At present, the household electrical appliance industry is in the key turning stage of "intelligent frontier". With the shortage of labor and the increase of labor costs and the decrease of profit margins, the transformation and upgrading of the labor intensive industry -- home appliance m...

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    Laser welding of the shell of an electric kettle
    Laser welding of agitator of soya bean milk machine
    Indicator information marking of household appliance shell
    Laser marking of rotary button for household appliances
  • Sensor Industry Laser Solutions

    As the sensor is gradually miniaturized and miniaturized, the processing technology of the sensor is changing gradually. Therefore, in order to develop a sensor with high accuracy and high stability, a complete and effective manufacturing process must be set up. In the production of previous sensors...

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    Laser welding of weighing sensor
    Laser marking of pressure sensor
    Laser welding of digital sensor
    Laser marking of acceleration sensor

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